Ingbritt Irene Lagerberg – or ii for short. I showed my work publicly for the first time in Gothenburg, Sweden 1979. Since then I have had more than forty successful exhibitions, mainly in Sweden and Norway, but also in Scotland, Italy, Spain, Belgium and the United States.

From oil and acrylic, I have developed a penchant for tempera that I mix myself. My Colors, often a saturated ultramarine and fluorescent orange, have a unique luster when used with the handmade paper which I prefer.

My painting is about male and female, communication, relationships and experience. In the early 1990’s I found my special symbolic language. It was then that the humanized chairs began to take shape. The chairs of symbols – the slender female and male of the mighty armchair – always with me since. With three-dimensional montage images I have developed my design language further. I paint pictures and build some other self-made paper. Tempera, oil and acrylic topped with 24 carat gold leaf.

The installation ‘Give me dreams to dream’ or ‘Ge mig drömmar att drömma’ in Swedish was first shown shown at Virserums Konsthall in 2007 and then Turin Art Center in Italy the following year.